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                            gitta consulting offers three different methods of billing for services:

Pre-paid hour packs
offer technical services at greatly discounted rates from standard hour to hour COD billing. The more hours purchased, the greater the savings:

  • 20 hour pack @ 55.00/hr
  • 10 hour pack @ 65.00/hr
  • 05 hour pack @ 75.00/hr

A monthly maintenance agreement spreads out your support costs with smaller monthly payments, and requires no long term commitment.

  • $125.00/month for up to three (3) computers
  • includes 2.5 hours support per month

Cash on Delivery *
  • standard rate:  95.00 per hour
* up to three hours of cash on delivery charges may be converted to the lower pre-paid rate if a pack is purchased within thiry days (30) of the date the services were performed